Company Dancer Awards

Dance Makers Inc.

Columbia, SC – February 21-23, 2020


Endangered Species - High First, High Score Senior Jazz Extended Line, Senior Extended Line High Score and a Dance Again Award (only given to 6 dances all weekend)

Revolting Children - High First, High Score Pre-Teen Musical Theatre Production, Director’s Pick

Officer Krupke - High First and Senior Group Musical Theatre High Score

Lines - High First and Senior High Duo Trio High Score

Girl Gang - 2nd place

Beautiful Thing - High First

Bucky Done Gun - 1st Place, Teen Jazz Duo Trio High Score, Judge’s Pick

My Skin - 2nd place 

Bang Bang - 1st Place

Lighthouse - High First

Bossa Nova Baby - Second Place

What A Feeling - First Place

Lying Down - 2nd place

Instruction - First Place

Heart of Stone - Second Place

Voyage - First Place

My Delight - First Place and Director’s Pick

Speechless - First Place and Director’s Pick

Love Is All - High First

Plastic Love - 2nd place and Teen Jazz Extended Line High Score

Take Time Out - High First

Otherside - First Place and Judge’s Pick

Mood 4 Eva - High First and Senior Hip Hop Line High Score

90 Days - First Place, Senior Contemporary Production High Score, Senior Production Overall High Score


Scholarships and Special Recognitions:

Nationals Scholarship – Lija Abele and Kate Johnson 

Courage Regional Scholarship - Isaac Poteete

Senior Scholarship Finalist:

Lija Abele, Ava Baker, Mary Einhorn, Lauren Martin and Brenna Vital 


Selected to dance in Hip Hop piece in closing show – Lija Abele, Christian Nesselrotte, Brenna Vital


Solo Awards:

Pre-Teen Miss DMI 9th Runner-up - Kate Johnson 

Teen Mr. DMI - Isaac Poteete



Hollywood Dance Jamz – Birmingham, AL

January 24-26, 2020 

Solo Awards 

Sophia Taff-That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Intermediate Contemporary Solo,

Top Overall High Score Intermediate Solo


Kate Johnson-That’s My Jam, 4th Overall Intermediate Contemporary Solo


Makenzie McGill- Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Musical Theatre Solo


Betsy Lawley- High Gold 


Sammy Baker-High Gold


Jordan Lewis-That’s My Jam, 2nd Overall Teen Contemporary Solo


Isaac Poteete-Platinum, 5th Overall Teen Contemporary Solo


Briley Blomeley-Platinum


Jadyn LaFayette-Platinum


Ava Baker-High Gold


Kennedy Jackson-High Gold


Lija Abele-Platinum, 5th Overall Senior Contemporary Solo


Brianna Goodloe- High Gold


Aubrey Blomeley- Platinum


Brenna Vital- That’s My Jam, 4th Overall Senior Contemporary Solo


Taylor Griffith- Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Ballet Solo


Sarah Hill - Platinum


Lauren Martin-Platinum


Christian Nesselrotte-Platinum


Jansyn Free- High Gold


Allison Arzonico-Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Lyrical Solo


Sarah Helms-High Gold


Anna Lindsey- That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Solo


Mary Einhorn- High Gold, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Solo


Duet/Trio Awards


Heart of Stone- Katelyn Valtos, Claire Ward, Sophia Taff

That’s My Jam, 1st Place Intermediate Contemporary Duo/Trio, 

Top Overall High Score Intermediate Duo/Trio


Instruction- Eden Joy Craighead, Jadyn LaFayette, Kate Johnson

That’s My Jam, 2nd Overall Intermediate Jazz Duo/Trio


Bossa Nova Baby- Lily Arnold, Brady Percy

Platinum, 3rd Overall Intermediate Musical Theatre Duo/Trio


My Skin - Isabella Ross, Hannah Lawley, Emma Wynn

High Gold


Bucky Done Gun- Briley Blomeley, Ava Baker

Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Jazz Duo/Trio, Top Overall Teen Duo/Trio


Already All Ready- Sarah Helms, Ellie Hundley, Robyn Pope



Lines- Kennedy Jackson, Christian Nesselrotte, Mary Einhorn



Lying Down- Sammy Baker, Aubrey Blomeley, Abby Rose Percy

Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Contemporary Duo Trio


Beautiful Things- Taylor Griffith, Jansyn Free, Brenna Vital

That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio


Lighthouse- Anna Lindsey, Sarah Hill, Allison Arzonico





Group Awards


Speechless-Platinum, 1st Place Overall Intermediate Contemporary Line


What A Feeling-Platinum


Voyage-That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Intermediate Contemporary Large Group


My Delight-High Gold


Home-That’s My Jam


Revolting Children-Platinum, 1st Overall Musical Theater Production


Take Time Out- That’s my Jam 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Large Group


Endangered Species- That’s My Jam


Officer Krupke- That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Small Group, 

Top Overall Senior Small Group


Bang Bang- Platinum


Plastic Love- High Gold




Playground- Platinum


Love Me Anyway-Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Small Group


Mood 4 Eva- Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Hip Hop Large Group


90 Days- That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Contemporary Production, Top Overall Senior Large Group






Junior Finalists -

Daniel Welchans, Betsy Lawley, Emma Leurck


Intermediate Finalists -

Kate Johnson, Sophia Taff


Teen Finalists -

Briley Blomeley, Jadyn LaFayette, Hannah Lawley, Jordan Lewis


Senior Finalists -

Lija Abele, Taylor Griffith, Brenna Vital, Brianna Goodloe, Kennedy Jackson,

 Christian Nesselrotte


Mini Single City Scholarship - Eliza Justice 


Junior Single City Scholarship - Daniel Welchans 


Intermediate “I Am The Jam” Scholarship - Kate Johnson, Sophia Taff 


Teen Single City Scholarship - Jadyn LaFayette 


Teen “I Am The Jam” Scholarship - Briley Blomeley


 Senior Single City Scholarship - Christian Nesselrotte 


Senior “I Am The Jam” Scholarship - Lija Abele, Brenna Vital


Broadway Dance Center Scholarship - Taylor Griffith


Intermediate Tap Scholarship - Kayla Neely


Intermediate Jazz Scholarship - Makenzie McGill


Teen Hip Hop Scholarship - Isaac Poteete


Senior Class Scholarship - Aubrey Blomeley


LA Agency Award Finalist - Claire Strother, Clara Choung, Kate Johnson


Artist Simply Human

Nashville, TN  January 3-5, 2020


Group Awards


Studio of the Weekend – The Dance Company 


Cool Concept Award - Love is All


Broadway Bound Award - Revolting Children


Entertainment Pick and $100 Voucher - Officer Krupke

Choreography Pick and $100 Voucher - My Delight

Choreography Pick and $100 Voucher - 90 Days


Standout Routines and $100 Voucher

Bang Bang

Beautiful Things


Studio Selections Routine and $250 Voucher - Officer Krupke


Judges Choice Award and $250 voucher - Endangered Species


Solo/Duo/Trio Awards


Storyteller Award and $100 Voucher - Isaac Poteete

Entertainment Award and $100 Voucher - Makenzie McGill

Choreography Pick and $100 voucher - Eden Joy Craighead and Allison Arzonico

Standout Routine and $100 voucher - Briley Blomeley

 Judges Award for ASH Nationals and $100 voucher- Brenna Vital




AMDA - Automatic acceptance and $20,000 college scholarship - Lija Abele


AMDA - Summer Conservatory Intensive- Lauren Martin and Brenna Vital


ASH Junior Apprentice- Jordan Lewis


ASH Artist in Training Apprentice - Sophia Taff, Makenzie McGill


Braham Crane Faculty Choice Scholarship and Pre-Apprentice Scholarship - Betsy Lawley


Gregg Russell Faculty Choice Scholarship - Daniel Welchans


Nationals Scholarships - Daniel Welchans, Brady Percy, Rowan Smith, Sophia Lopez, Briley Blomeley, Jadyn LaFayette, Lacy Smith, Kennedy Jackson


Westsiders Camp Scholarship - Eden Joy Craighead


Artists In Training Scholarship Finalists – Eden Joy Craighead, Betsy Lawley, Makenzie McGill, Sophia Taff 


Intermediate Scholarship Finalists - Kate Johnson, Isaac Poteete, Jordan Lewis


Senior Scholarship Finalists - Mary Einhorn, Lija Abele, Brenna Vital


Dance Makers, Inc.

November 21-23, 2019 – Nashville, TN

Pre-Teen Miss DMI
3rd Overall - Kate Johnson

Sr. Miss DMI
8th Overall - Brenna Vital
10th Overall - Lija Abele 

Sr. Mr. DMI - Christian Nesselrotte

Quite Miss Home - High First

Lines - High First and Senior Hip-Hop High Score

Love Me Anyway - High First and Senior Contemporary Small Group High Score,

Overall High Score of the Weekend, and Dance Again award


 2019 Hollywood Dance Jamz National Convention

Burbank, CA


Solo Awards

Makenzie McGill - “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” - Platinum Award

Eden Joy Craighead - “Sparrow” - That’s My Jam Award- 3rd Place Overall Junior Solo

Kate Johnson - “Riverside” - Platinum - 10th Place Overall Intermediate

Jadyn Lafayette - “Truth Untold” - High Gold

Ava Baker “Kill The Lights” - That’s My Jam Award - 2nd Place Overall Teen Solo

Samantha Baker “All The Love You Left Me” - High Gold

Isaac Poteete “Deep Water” - High Gold

Briley Blomeley - “Nowhere” - Platinum - 4th Place Overall Teen Solo

Christian Nesselrotte - Platinum Award

Lija Abele - Platinum Award


Trio Awards

 “At Last” Eden Joy Craighead, Kate Johnson, Jadyn LaFayette - Platinum

“Alexa” - Platinum - Most Entertaining Award



Makenzie McGill - “I Am The Jam” Scholarship

Jadyn LaFayette - 1 City Regional Scholarship

Christian Nesselrotte - 1 City Regional Scholarship


Eden Joy Craighead was selected as a member of the DJ Company for the next tour season! 

She will be assisting in classes for HDJ!


DanceMakers, Inc. 2019 National Convention 

Myrtle Beach, SC 


Mathematics – Senior Contemporary Group 

High First, Senior Group Contemporary Overall High Score Runner Up,  

DANCE AGAIN AWARD, Senior Group 4th Overall 


Your Day Will Come – Teen Contemporary Production 

High First, Contemporary High Score Runner Up, 4th Overall Teen Production 


Somebody to Love – Senior Musical Theatre Production  

First Place, Senior Production Musical Theatre Overall Runner Up 


Alexa – Teen Hip Hop Trio 

High First and Teen Duo/Trio Hip Hop High Score 


Save Myself – Senior Lyrical Group 

High First and Senior Group Lyrical Overall Runner Up 


Pon De Bandana – Senior Hip Hop Line  

 High First and Senior Hip Hop Line Overall Runner Up 


Proud Mary – Senior Tap Group  

First Place 


Heartless – Senior Contemporary Group 

High First 


Love Is A Battlefield – Teen Jazz Group 

First Place 



Solos and Trios  


Isaac Poteete – Teen Mr. DMI 5th Runner Up  

Isaac Poteete 


Christian Nesselrotte – Senior Mr. DMI 4th Runner Up 


Lija Abele – Real Love 

High First 


Mary Einhorn, Ellie Hundley, Lauren Martin – Crazy  

First Place 


Brenna Vital, Jansyn Free, Allison Arzonico – Long Way Home 

First Place 


Allison Arzonico, Anna Lindsey, Sarah Hill – Waves  

High First Place 


Briley Blomeley – Believe  

First Place 


2 City Scholarship – Kaylee Kendrick  


2 City Scholarship – Brady Percy 

Dance Makers Inc. Awards

Columbia, SC ~ February 15-17, 2019


“Alexa” – Overall Teen High Score Duo Trio

High First  ~ Overall High Score Hip Hop Duo/Trio


“Love Is a Battlefield”– Overall Teen Line High Score 

High First ~ Teen  Line Jazz High Score


“Your Day Will Come”– Overall Teen Production High Score

High First  ~ Teen Contemporary Production Overall High Score


“Pon de Bandana” – Re-Dance Award – 2ndOverall Senior Line

High First  ~ Senior Hip Hop Overall High Score


“Somebody To Love”– Overall Senior Production High Score

High First ~ Senior Musical Theatre Production High Score


“Save Myself”– Senior Group Judges Pick

High First ~ Senior Overall Lyrical Group High Score


“Real Love”– Overall Senior High Score Duo/Trio

High First ~ Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio Overall High Score


“Victory”–  3rdOverall Pre-Teen Production 

First Place ~ Pre-Teen Variety Production High Score


“Never Letting Go”– Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges Choice

High First ~  Pre-Teen Lyrical High Score Duo Trio


“Long Way Home”- High First


“Waves”- High First


“Mathematics”- High First 


“At Last”- First Place 


“Blind Heart” - 2nd place 


“Daughter of The Sea”-2nd place


“Believe”- First Place 


“Crazy”- First Place


“When Love Takes Over” - First Place


“Tessellating”- First Place 


“Proud Mary” - First Place


“Heartless” - High First


Scholarship Winners


Nationals Scholarship Winners:

Eden Joy Craighead

Noelle Garvida

Anna Lindsey

Brady Percy

Raegan Segerson


Courage Scholarship for a Regional Convention -Rowan Smith 


Giving Keys Scholarship- Abby Rose Percy 


Clifton Dance Project-Aubrey Blomeley 


Retter LA Scholarship:

Kaylee Kendrick

Brenna Vital


Senior Scholarship Finalists - Lija Abele, Allison Arzonico, Aubrey Blomeley, Mary Einhorn,  Faith Engelkemier,  Anna Fennell,  Jansyn Free,  Ellie Hundley, 

 Kaylee Kendrick, Lauren Martin, Emma O’Brien, Raegan Segerson, Elena Smtih, Brenna Vital



Solo Awards


Senior Mr. Dance- Christian Nesselrotte 


Senior Miss 2ndRunner Up - Raegan Segerson

Senior Miss 9th Runner Up - Kaylee Kendrick


Teen 6thRunner Up - Briley Blomeley 

Teen 8thRunner Up - Ava Baker


Teen Mr. 1stRunner Up - Isaac Poteete

Hollywood Dance Jamz – Birmingham, AL

January 11-13, 2019


Senior Soloists

Raegan Segerson - Platinum, 3rdplace overall


Kaylee Kendrick - High Gold, 9thplace overall


Taylor Griffith - High Gold, 10thplace overall


Brenna Vital - High Gold, Best Choreography award


Christian Nesselrotte - High Gold, Judge’s Choice award


Faith Engelkemier - High Gold


Jansyn Free - High Gold


Aubrey Blomeley - High Gold


Lija Abele – Gold


Anna Fennell - Gold


Intermediate Soloist

Kate Johnson - Platinum, 4thplace overall


Teen Soloists

Briley Blomeley - High Gold, 6thplace overall


Ava Baker - High Gold, 10thplace overall 


Isaac Poteete – Gold


Samantha Baker - Gold



Intermediate, Teen and Senior Duo/Trios

Eden Joy Craighead, Kate Johnson, Jadyn LaFayette - That’s My Jam, 1stplace overall 

Intermediate Duo/Trio and Best Choreography award


Katelyn Valtos, Claire Ward, Robyn Pope - High Gold, Intermediate Duo/Trio


Samantha Baker, Kennedy Jackson, Christian Nesselrotte - Platinum, 1stplace overall Teen Duo/Trio


Sarah Hill, Allison Arzonico, Anna Lindsey - Platinum, 2ndplace overall Teen Duo/Trio


Ava Baker, Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley - High Gold, 3rdplace overall Teen Duo/Trio


Janysn Free, Taylor Griffith, Brenna Vital - Platinum, 2ndplace overall Senior Duo/Trio


Lija Abele, Kaylee Kendrick, Raegan Segerson - Platinum, Senior Duo/Trio


Small/Large Groups

When Love Takes Over – Intermediate Jazz large group, Platinum, 1stplace overall and Judge’s Choice award


Mathematics – Senior Contemporary small group, Platinum, 1stplace overall 


Heartless – Senior Contemporary large group, That’s My Jam and Judge’s Choice award


Pon De Bandana – Senior Hip Hop large group, Platinum and Best Choreography award


Save Myself- Senior Contemporary small group, Platinum, 2ndplace overall


Love is a Battlefield – Teen Jazz large group, High Gold


Somebody To Love – Senior Musical Theatre Production, That’s My Jam, 1st Overall, Highest Scoring Production


Proud Mary- Senior Tap small group, High Gold


Blind Heart – Intermediate Jazz small group, High Gold



Scholarship Finalists

Junior - Claire Ward, Eden Joy Craighead, Lily Arnold, Makenzie McGill


Intermediate - Kate Johnson, Jadyn LaFayette, Katelyn Valtos


Teen - Allison Arzonico, Ava Baker, Briley Blomeley, Isaac Poteete, Abby Martin


Senior - Lija Abele, Kennedy Jackson, Raegan Segerson, Brenna Vital, Taylor Griffith, 

Kaylee Kendrick, Christian Nesselrotte


Scholarship Winners

Junior “I Am The Jam” - Eden Joy Craighead, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year


Intermediate Single City - Katelyn Valtos


Intermediate “I Am The Jam”- Kate Johnson, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year


Teen Single City - Ava Baker, Isaac Poteete


Teen “I Am The Jam”- Briley Blomeley, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year 


Senior Single City - Kaylee Kendrick and Brenna Vital


Senior “I Am The Jam” - Lija Abele, Raegan Segerson, eligible to compete for Dancer of the Year


Intermediate Class Nationals Scholarship - Jordan Lewis


Mini “I Am the Jam” Scholarship – Daniel Welchans


Tap Nationals Scholarship - Abby Rose Percy


Broadway Dance Center Scholarship - Christian Nesselrotte


Los Angeles Millennium Dance Complex Scholarship - Brenna Vital


GTA Talent Agency - Makenzie McGill, Isaac Poteete, Kate Johnson, Lija Abele


 Artist Simply Human - Nashville, TN January 4-6

Studio of the Weekend - Nashville, TN

ASH Apprentice 

Eden Joy Craighead 

Brenna Vital 


AMDA College Program Acceptance 

$40,000 Scholarship Raegan Segerson 

$20,000 Scholarship Lija Abele 


Class Scholarship Winners 

Lija Abele, Eden Joy Craighead, Kate Johnson, Kaylee Kendrick, Jordan Lewis, Lauren Martin, Olivia Rackauskas, Brenna Vital 


Unique Movement Award 

Christian Nesselrotte


Entertainment Pick 

Somebody To Love – Senior Musical Theatre 


Choreography Pick 

Never Letting Go - Anna Fennell 

Nowhere - Briley Blomeley 

Real Love - Kaylee Kendrick 

Save Myself – Senior Contemporary Group, Dahnelle Reynolds 


Standout Routines 

Body - Raegan Segerson 

Long Way Home – Brenna Vital, Jansyn Free, Taylor Griffith 

Love Is A Battlefield - Teen Jazz Line 

Your Day Will Come - Teen Contemporary Production  


Studio Selection 

Your Day Will Come - Teen Contemporary Production 


Judges Pick and Dance in Closing Show 

Mathematics - Senior Contemporary Line 


Faculty Pick Scholarship 

Brianna Goodloe 


Nationals Scholarship 

Lily Arnold 

Claire Ward 

Sophia Taff 

Isaac Poteete 

Allison Arzonico 

Kennedy Jackson 

Christian Nesselrotte

Dance Makers Inc.  ~ Nashville, Tn ~ October 19-21, 2018

Shaffer Studio of the Weekend- The Dance Company

Duo/Trio and Group Awards

“Save Myself” - High First Place - Senior Group Contemporary High Score

Dance Again Award for Closing Show

Senior Division Overall High Score

“Real Love” - High First Place and Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio High Score

Overall Senior Duo/Trio Second Place

“At Last” - High First Place

Pre-Teen Musical Theatre High Score

Overall Pre-Teen Division High Score

“Alexa” - First Place and Teen Duo/Trio Hip Hop High Score

Teen Duo/Trio High Score 2nd Place

“Blind Hearts” - First Place and Pre-Teen Jazz-High Score

Pre-Teen Group High Score

“Believe” – First Place and High Score Duo/Trio Teen Contemporary

“Never Letting Go” - Second Place and High Score Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical

“Proud Mary” - First Place and Senior Group Tap High Score

“Long Way Home” - First Place

Overall Senior Duo/Trio Third Place High Score

“Waves” - First Place

“Crazy” - Second Place

“Daughter of the Sea” – Second Place


Scholarship Winners

Faculty Scholarship - Lauren Martin

Retter Intensive Scholarship - Lija Abele


Senior Scholarship Finalists

Lija Abele

Jansyn Free

Kaylee Kendrick

Lauren Martin

Raegan Segerson

Brenna Vital


Solo Placements Awards

Mister Dance Makers - Christian Nesselrotte

2nd Runner Up Miss Dance Makers - Raegan Segerson

6th Runner Up Miss Dance Makers - Lija Abele

8th Runner Up - Teen Miss Dance Makers - Briley Blomeley

1st Runner Up - Teen Mister Dance Makers - Isaac Poteete

10th Runner Up - Junior Miss Dance Makers - Kate Johnson

Hollywood Dance Jamz – Cincinnati, Ohio

February 23-25, 2018

 Bohemian Rhapsody-Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Production, Top Senior Group and Director’s Choice

  Rappers Delight- Platinum, 5th Overall Junior Jazz Group

 Moon Fairies- High Gold Junior Ballet Group

 Old Friends- High Gold place Teen Contemporary Trio

 Like This- High Gold, 2nd Overall Teen Contemporary Group

 Legends- High Gold Senior Jazz Trio

 Little Boxes- High Gold Senior Contemporary Trio

 Unworthy-Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio

 The Home-High Gold Teen Lyrical Duo

 Let Me Down- Platinum, 3rd Overall Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio

 Lip Gloss- Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen Hip Hop Group

 As Long As You Love Me-High Gold Pre-Teen Contemporary line

 Pink Cadillac-High Gold, 1st Overall Pre-Teen Jazz Production

 Believer –Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Group

 Umbrella-High Gold Teen Contemporary Line

 Back in Black-High Gold, 2nd Overall Senior Jazz Group

 Singin’ In the Rain-Platinum Senior Musical Theatre

 River-Platinum Senior Contemporary Line

 Castle-High Gold Teen Contemporary Production

 Swish Swish-Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Hip Hop Line

 Us Unfolding-High Gold Senior Lyrical Group

 What About Us-Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Contemporary

 Boy Meets Girl-High Gold, 1st Overall Senior Jazz Production


 Scholarship  Winners

Senior: Ashlie Campbell, Faith Engelkemier, Kaylee Kendrick, Emma O’Brien, Elena Smith

 Teen: Lija Abele, Jansyn Free, Kennedy Jackson, Christian Nesselrotte, Brenna Vital

 Junior: Briley Blomeley, Kate Johnson

 Millennium Dance Project: Lija Abele and Brenna Vital

 HDJ: Kaylee Kendrick

 Millennium Nashville: Emma O’Brien

 Broadway Dance Center: Ashlie Campbell, Elena Smith

 Summer Jam: Faith Engelkemier

 Strong Selfie Award: Sophia Lopez



 Briley Blomeley – High Gold Junior

 Kate Johnson – High Gold Junior

 Brenna Vital – High Gold Teen

 Ava Baker – High Gold, 10th Overall Teen

 Lija Abele – Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen

 Christian Nesselrotte – Platinum, 4th Overall Teen

 Ashlie Campbell – Platinum, 7th Overall Senior

 Katie Clark – Platinum, 9th Overall Senior

 Raegan Segerson – Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior

 Elena Smith – Platinum, 10th Overall Senior

 Anna Fennell – High Gold Senior

 Emma O’Brien – High Gold Senior

 Alex Troupe – Platinum, 6th Overall Senior and Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior, Re-Dance Jamming Award


DanceMakers, Inc. – Columbia, SC

February 9-11, 2018

 Standout Studio Award

 What About Us-High 1st and Teen Contemporary Production Overall High Score, Teen Division Overall High Score and Dance Again Award

 Bohemian Rhapsody-High 1st place, Senior Musical Theatre Production Overall High Score, Senior Division Overall High Score

Boy Meets Girl-High 1st and Senior Jazz Production Overall High Score, Senior Production Judges Pick

Old Friends- High 1st place Teen Contemporary Trio and  Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Overall High Score

Like This- 1st place and Teen Contemporary Group high score

Legends- 1st place Senior Jazz Trio

Little Boxes- 1st place Senior Contemporary Trio

Unworthy-High 1st place Senior Contemporary Duo and  Senior Duo/Trio 1st Runner Up Overall High Score

The Home-High 1st place, Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio High Score and Teen Duo/Trio Overall High Score

Let Me Down- High 1st place and Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio high score

Lip Gloss- 2nd place and Pre-Teen Hip Hop line high score

As Long As You Love Me-1st Place, Pre-Teen Contemporary Line High Score and  Pre-Teen Line High Score Runner Up

Pink Cadillac-2nd place Pre-Teen Jazz Production

Believer -High 1st place Senior Contemporary Small Group

Umbrella-1st place Teen Contemporary Production and Teen Production High Score Runner-Up

Back in Black-High 1st place and Senior Jazz group high score

Singin’ In the Rain-High 1st place and Senior Musical Theatre overall high score

River-High 1st place Senior Contemporary Line

Castle-High 1st place Teen Contemporary Production and Teen Production High Score

Swish Swish-High 1st place, Senior Hip Hop Line Overall High Score, Senior Line Overall High Score

Us Unfolding-1st place Senior Lyrical Group

Rappers Delight2nd place Junior Jazz Group

Moon Fairies- 2nd place Junior Ballet Group   

Pre-Teen Miss Dance-9th Runner Up Ava Baker

Miss Teen Dance-1st Runner Up Brenna Vital

Senior Miss Dance 9th Runner Up- Katie Clark

Senior Miss Dance 5th Runner Up- Elena Smith

Senior Miss Dance 2nd Runner Up- Raegan Segerson

Senior Mr. Dance-3rd Runner Up Christian Nesselrotte 

Senior Mr. Dance 1st Runner Up- Alex Troupe 

Katie Clark, Taylor Griffith, Jansyn Free – Keith Clifton Dance Project Scholarship

Brenna Vital, Ashlie Campbell – Darryl Retter Scholarship

Alex Troupe, Emma O’Brien - Erica Sobol National Scholarship

Alex Troupe- Movement lifestyle Scholarship

Faith Engelkemier - Courage Regional Scholarship

Anna Hebert - 1/2 DMI Intensive Scholarship

Aubrey Blomeley, Lija Abele, Elena Smith - Regional Senior Scholarship

Kate Johnson - Regional Junior Scholarship

Lauren Martin- Regional Teen Scholarship

Briley Blomeley, Emma O’Brien, Kate Johnson, Kennedy Jackson, Ava Baker - National Scholarship


Artist Simply Human – January 5-7, 2018 – Nashville, TN


 Solo, Duo, Trio

“Growing Pains”

Lija Abele - Potential Plus Award



Katie Clark - Musical Mastery Award


“Heavenly Father”

Alex Troupe - Judges Choice Award


“Heads Will Roll”

Ava Baker - Entertainment Award


“Let Me Down”

Technical Execution Pick - Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley and Ava Baker


“The Home”

Standout Routine and Studio Selection - Brenna Vital, Jansyn Free and Taylor Griffith



Standout Routine - Alex Troupe and Elena Smith



Artists in Training  Kate Johnson

Intermediate  Brenna Vital, Briley Blomeley, Lauren Martin

Advanced  Alex Troupe, Christian Nesselrotte, Lija Abele, Taylor Griffith

1/2 Nationals or Summer Intensive Scholarship – Christian Nesselrotte, Ava Baker

AMDA Conservatory Scholarship - Lija Abele, Taylor Griffith, Faith Engelkemier

Conditional acceptance into Relativity – Alex Troupe and Emma O’Brien

Anna Fennell - Scholarship to AMDA and $20,000 scholarship

Alex Troupe - Acceptance into AMDA and $40,000 scholarship

 Apprentices - Kate Johnson (Artist in Training) Briley Blomeley (Junior) Taylor Griffith and Alex Troupe (Senior)


Dance Makers Inc.

Nationals 2017

Myrtle Beach, SC  ~ June 23-29, 2017



Alex Troupe- 1st runner up Mr. DMI

Christian Nesselrotte- 3rd runner up Teen Mr. DMI

Elena Gimenez-13th runner up(out of 156) for Senior Miss DMI


Group, Line and Production Awards

“Truth” -1st place Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical

“Kill’em With Kindness” - 1st place Pre-Teen Contemporary Line

Happy” - 2nd place Pre-Teen Tap Line

“And The Waltz Goes On” - 2nd place Pre-Teen Lyrical Line

“Takeda Dark Lullaby” - 2nd place-Pre-Teen Lyrical Group

Pretty Things” - High First

                        Runner Up High Score Teen Lyrical Production

“Secrets” -1st place Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio

“Blinded By Privilege” - 1st place Teen Contemporary Line

“No” - 1st place Senior Hip Hop Line

“24” - 1st place Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio

“Don't Worry About Me” - High First

                                    Runner Up High Score Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio

“Gravity” - High First Senior Duo/Trio

“Juke Box Baby” - 1st place High Score Senior Tap Production

“Loved By You” - High First

                         High Score Senior Lyrical Line

“Wolves” - High First

              Runner Up High Score Senior Contemporary Line

“Awoo” - High First

            Runner Up High Score Senior Variety Duo/Trio

“Casino Royale” - High First

                     Runner Up High Score Senior Musical Theatre Line

“SAX” - High First

         High Score Senior Variety Production

Dance Again Awards 

This was awarded to the 28 dances that the judges wanted to see “Dance Again”

“Don't Worry About Me”

“Pretty Things”



Brenna Vital – Regional Scholarship (two cities)

Anna Hebert – Regional Scholarship (two cities)

Alex Troupe – Regional Scholarship (two cities)

Lija Abele - Stephen Boyd scholarship

Movement Lifestyle Studios LA - Hadley Cawthorne

Summer Intensive ½ Scholarship -Elena Gimenez



Collective Season 5

All expenses paid mentorship and assistantship with the DMI faculty for the 2017-2018 tour!

Hadley Cawthorne


National Over All Awards

“Pretty Things” – 2nd place overall Teen Production

“Don't Worry About Me” - 5th overall Senior Duo/Trio

“Casino Royale” - 3rd overall Senior Large Line

“Jukebox Baby” - 4th overall Senior Production

“Sax” - 3rd overall Senior Production


2017 Hollywood Dance Jamz – Cincinnati, Ohio


Scholarship Winners


Hollywood Dance Jamz DJ Award – Selected to tour with Hollywood Dance Jamz

Alex Troupe and Elena Gimenez


Broadway Dance Center

Ashlie Campbell and Katie Clark


Dance Ideas Full Scholarship – Anna Hebert


Dance Ideas 1/2 Off Scholarship

Hadley Cawthorne and Kaylee Kendrick


Regional Scholarship

Elena Smith and Anna Fennell


Teen Scholarship

Lija Abele, Aubrey Blomeley, Raegan Segerson, Brenna Vital


Teen Scholarship Finalist

Jansyn Free, Christian Nesselrotte


Junior Scholarship – Ava Baker


Junior Scholarship Finalist – Briley Blomeley


 Solo Awards


Fragile Alex Troupe

Senior Contemporary Solo Platinum Award, 1st Overall Senior Solo and Directors Choice to Dance Again


Survive Lija Abele 

Teen Lyrical Solo Platinum Award and 3rd Overall Teen Solo


Wasted Youth Raegan Segerson 

Teen Contemporary Solo High Gold Award


Gracious Tempest Hadley Cawthorne 

Senior Lyrical Solo High Gold Award


This Place Is A Shelter Elena Gimenez 

Senior Lyrical Solo Platinum Award and 8th Overall Senior Solo


Grow Elena Smith 

Senior Lyrical Solo High Gold Award


Fall For You Anna Hebert 

Senior Contemporary Solo Platinum Award


Station Ava Baker 

Junior Contemporary Solo High Gold Award


Manolo Christian Nesselrotte 

Teen Hip-Hop Solo High Gold Award


Duet/Trio Awards


Don't Worry About Me Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez, Elena Smith 

Senior Lyrical Duet/Trio Platinum Award and 4th Overall Senior Duet/Trio


Truth Ava Baker, Briley Blomeley, Aubrey Blomeley 

Junior Lyrical Duet/Trio High Gold Award and 8th Overall Junior Duet/Trio


Secrets Jansyn Free, Brenna Vital 

Teen Contemporary Duet/Trio High Gold Award


Awoo Katie Clark, Anna Hebert, Kaylee Kendrick 

Senior Jazz Duet/Trio Platinum Award


24 Anna Fennell, Taylor Griffith, Erin Keepers 

Senior Contemporary Duet/Trio High Gold Award


Gravity Ashlie Campbell, Emma O'Brien, Alex Troupe 

Senior Contemporary Duet/Trio High Gold Award



Group Awards


No Teen Hip-Hop Large Group

Platinum Award and 5th Overall Teen Large Group


Wolves Senior Contemporary Large Group

Platinum Award and 3rd Overall Senior Large Group


Pretty Things Teen Contemporary Line

High Gold Award and 3rd Overall Teen Line


Loved By You Senior Lyrical Large Group

High Gold Award and 5th Overall Senior Large Group


2017 DanceMakers, Inc. – Columbia, South Carolina


Mr. and Miss DMI Awards 

Senior Miss DMI – Elena Gimenez

2nd Runner-Up Senior Mr. DMI – Alex Troupe

3rd Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI – Hadley Cawthorne

6th Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI – Elena Smith

 7th Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI – Raegan Segerson

 Teen Mr. DMI – Christian Nesselrotte

 4th Runner-Up Teen Miss DMI – Lija Abele

Scholarship Awards

 Movement Lifestyle Scholarship – Anna Hebert, Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez

 Keith Clifton Scholarship – Elena Smith

 Darryl Retter Scholarship – Emma O’Brien

 DMI Regional Scholarship – Ava Baker

DMI Nationals Scholarship – Kaylee Kendrick, Kate Johnson, Brenna Vital, Alex Troupe, Christian Nesselrotte

 Steven Boyd Scholarship – Lija Abele, Briley Blomeley

 Senior Scholarship Finalists – Ashlie Campbell, Ellie Hundley


Solo, Duo and Trio Awards

 1st Place Pre-Teen Contemporary Solo

Station Ava Baker


1st Place Teen Lyrical Solo

Survive Lija Abele


1st Place Teen Hip Hop Solo

Manolo Christian Nesselrotte


High 1st Place Senior Lyrical Solo

Gracious Tempest Hadley Cawthorne


High 1st Place Senior Lyrical Solo

This Place Is A Shelter Elena Gimenez


1st Place Senior Lyrical Solo

Fall For You Anna Hebert


 1st Place Senior Lyrical Solo

Grow Elena Smith


1st Place Senior Contemporary Solo

Wasted Youth Raegan Segerson


High 1st Place Senior Contemporary Solo

Fragile Alex Troupe


Truth Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley, Ava Baker

1st Place Pre-Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio and Pre-Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio High Score


Takeda - Dark Lullaby Mary Einhorn, Ava Baker, Allison Arzonico, Briley Blomeley, Lauren Martin

1st Place Pre-Teen Lyrical Group


Secrets Jansyn Free, Brenna Vital

1st Place Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio, Teen Duo/Trio Judges’ Choice award


Don't Worry About Me Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Smith, Elena Gimenez

High 1st Place Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio, Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical High Score, Senior Duo/Trio Overall High Score


Awoo Anna Hebert, Kaylee Kendrick, Katie Clark

High 1st Place Senior Variety Duo/Trio, Senior Variety Duo/Trio High Score, Senior Duo/Trio Overall High Score runner-up


24 Anna Fennell, Taylor Griffith, Erin Keepers

High 1st Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio and Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio High Score


Gravity Ashlie Campbell, Emma O’Brien, Alex Troupe

1st Place Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio


Group Awards


High 1st Place Senior Hip Hop Line, Senior Hip Hop Line High Score, Dance Again award, 

Overall Highest Score of the Weekend



High 1st Place Senior Variety Production and Senior Variety Production High Score, Senior Production High Score


Pretty Things

1st Place Teen Lyrical Production and Teen Lyrical Production High Score, Teen Production Overall High Score


Kill ‘Em With Kindness

1st Place Pre-Teen Contemporary Line and Pre-Teen Contemporary Line High Score, Pre-Teen Lines Overall High Score



High 1st Place Senior Contemporary Line


Jersey Boys

2nd Place Pre-Teen Jazz Production and Pre-Teen Jazz Production High Score



1st Place Pre-Teen Tap Production, Pre-Teen Productions Judges’ Choice award



1st Place Senior Variety Line and Senior Variety Line High Score


Casino Royale

1st Place Senior Musical Theater Line and Senior Musical Theater High Score


Blinded By Privilege

1st Place Teen Contemporary Line, Teen Line Judges’ Choice award


Juke Box Baby

1st Place Senior Tap Production and Senior Tap Production High Score, Senior Production Overall High Score runner-up


Loved By You

1st Place Senior Lyrical Line


And The Waltz Goes On

1st Place Pre-Teen Lyrical Line and Pre-Teen Lyrical Line High Score



2017 Hollywood Vibe

Baton Rouge, LA




Agency Audition Finalists

Lija Abele, Hadley Cawthorne, Kate Johnson, Kaylee Kendrick, Nicole Teper, Brenna Vital


Junior Scholarship Finalist

Briley Blomeley


Teen Team HV and Dancer of the Year Finalist

Brenna Vital


Senior Team HV and Dancer of the Year Finalists

Anna Hebert

Elena Gimenez


Senior Nationals Scholarship Winner

Elena Smith


Teen Hip Hop Scholarship Winner

Christian Nesselrotte





“Don't Worry About Me” Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Smith, Elena Gimenez Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio Platinum Award, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio, 3rd Overall Senior Duo/Trio


“Truth” Ava Baker, Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley

Intermediate Lyrical Duo/Trio High Gold Award, 1st Overall Intermediate Lyrical Duo/Trio


“Awoo” Anna Hebert, Kaylee Kendrick, Katie Clark

Senior Open Duo/Trio High Gold Award, 1st Overall Senior Open Duo/Trio, 5th Overall Senior Duo/Trio


“Grow” Elena Smith

Senior Lyrical Solo High Gold Award, 3rd Overall Senior Lyrical Solo


“This Place Is A Shelter” Elena Gimenez

Senior Lyrical Solo High Gold Award, 5th Overall Senior Solo, 2nd Overall Senior Lyrical Solo


“Gracious Tempest” Hadley Cawthorne

Senior Lyrical Solo High Gold Award


“Fall For You” Anna Hebert

Senior Contemporary/Modern High Gold Award


“Station” Ava Baker

Intermediate Contemporary/Modern High Gold Award


“Secrets” Brenna Vital, Jansyn Free

Teen Contemporary/Modern Gold Award


“24” Taylor Griffith, Anna Fennell, Erin Keepers

Senior Contemporary/Modern Duo/Trio Gold Award’


“Gravity” Alex Troupe, Ashlie Campbell, Emma O’Brien

Senior Contemporary/Modern High Gold Award, 3rd Overall Senior Contemporary/Modern Duo/Trio


“Survive” Lija Abele

Teen Lyrical Gold Award

3rd Over-All Teen Lyrical Solo


“Wasted Youth” Raegan Segerson

Senior Contemporary/Modern Gold Award


“Manolo” Christian Nesselrotte

Teen Hip Hop Gold Award

1st Place Teen Hip Hop Solo




“Pretty Things” – Teen Lyrical Production Platinum Award, 1st Overall Teen Lyrical Production, 1st Overall Large Group/Production with free entry to Nationals, Best Direction Award


“Jukebox Baby” – Senior Tap Large Group Platinum Award, 1st Overall Senior Large Group with free entry to Nationals


“Sax” – Senior Open Production High Gold Award, 1st Overall Senior Open Production


“Loved By You” – Senior Lyrical Large Group High Gold Award, 2nd Overall Senior Large Group


“Wolves” – Senior Contemporary Large Group High Gold Award, 3rd Overall Senior Large Group


“NO” – Senior Hip Hip Large Group High Gold Award


“Rise” – Senior Contemporary Small Group High Gold Award


“Casino Royale” – Senior Musical Theatre High Gold Award


“Takeda Japanese Lullaby” – Intermediate Lyrical Small Group Gold Award


“And the Waltz Goes On” – Intermediate Lyrical Large Group Gold Award


“Kill ‘Em With Kindness” – Intermediate Contemporary/Modern Large Group Gold Award


“Happy” – Intermediate Tap Large Group Gold Award


“Jersey Boys” – Intermediate Jazz Large Group Gold Award


“#blind” – Teen Contemporary/Modern Large Group Gold Award


Dance Makers Inc.

Nashville, TN 

November 4-6, 2016



Anna Hebert – “Fall For You” – High First – 1st  Place Over-All Senior Miss DMI Nashville

Elena Gimenez – “This Place Is A Shelter” – High First – 1st Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI Nashville

Elena Smith – “Grow” – High First – 4th Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI Nashville

Hadley Cawthorne – “Gracious Tempest” – High First - 8th Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI Nashville

Alex Troupe – “Fragile” – First Place – 1st Runner-Up Mr. DMI Nashville

Christian Nesselrotte – “Manolo” – 1st Place – 1st Place Place Over-All Teen Mr. DMI Nashville

Raegan Segerson – “Wasted Youth” – First Place Senior Jazz  Solo

Lija Abele – “Survive” – First Place Teen Lyrical Solo

Ava Baker – “Station” – First Place Pre-Teen Solo – 6th Runner-Up Pre-Teen Miss DMI Nashville



Alex Troupe – Giving Keys Scholarship including a scholarship to National 

Anna Hebert – Scholarship to the Dance Makers Summer Intensive in LA

Hadley Cawthorne – Movement Lifestyle Scholarship with 10 classes in LA

Elena Gimenez – Regional Scholaship to Dance Makers

Brenna Vital – Scholarship to Dance Makers National 

Christian Nesselrotte – Scholarship to Dance Makers Nationals 




“Don’t Worry About Me” – High First – Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio High Score

1st Over All in the Senior Division and Dance Again!

Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez, Elena Smtih


“Truth” – 1st Place –  Pre-Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio High Score

 1st Place Over-All in the Pre-Teen Division

Ava Baker, Aubrey Blomeley, Briley Blomeley


“Awoo” – High First – High Score Senior Jazz Duo/Trio

1st Place Over-All Senior Duo/Trio

Katie Clark, Anna Hebert, Kaylee Kendrick


Secrets” – High First

1st Place Over-All Teen Duo/Trio

Jansyn Free, Brenna Vital


“Gravity”  - High First – High Score Senior Variety Duo/Trio

Runner-Up Senior Duo/Trio

Ashlie Campbell, Anna Hebert, Alex Troupe


“24” – First Place – High Score Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio

Anna Fennell, Taylor Griffith, Erin Keepers

Congratulations to Danni Heverin on being named a Radio City Rockette again this year!



Congratulations to the following students for their placement into the Summer Study programs of the following Ballet Schools or Fine Arts School:


University of North Carolina School of the Arts – 6 Week Summer Study

Elena Gimenez


The Rock School

Maddie Harwell


Walnut Hill School  - partial scholarship

Christin Montgomery


Orlando Ballet

Megan Sheehan


International Ballet Academy

Abby Rose Percy


Atlanta Ballet

Megan Sheehan


Giordano Summer Dance Intensive – Scholarship Recipient

Alex Troupe

Joffrey Ballet School – New York City

Jansyn Free

Taylor Griffith


Nashville Ballet

Samantha Arn

Allison Arzonico

Ava Baker

Samantha Baker

Aubrey Blomeley

Briley Blomeley

Christina Bolton

Mary Einhorn

Darby Harris

Anna Fennell

Jansyn Free

Elena Gimenez

Taylor Griffith

Kate Gunn

Maddie Harwell

Sarah Helms

Sarah Hill

Ellie Hundley

Sydney Hur

Anna Lindsay

Olivia Lutrick

Anna Grace O’Donell

Claire O’Neal

Raegan Segerson



MARCH 13-15, 2016


Scholarship Finalists and Winners 

Alex Troupe - Regional Male Dancer of the Year 

Anna Hebert and Alex Troupe - Team Hollywood Vibe 

Elena Gimenez – Single City Hollywood Vibe 

Kate Johnson – Mini Age Division

Nicole Teper – Tap

Briley Blomeley and Christian Nesselrotte – Hip Hop 

Brenna Vital – Junior Finalist

Raegan Segerson, Christian Nesselrotte – Teen Finalists

Hadley Cawthorne – Senior Finalist


Christin Montgomery - Intermediate Jazz Solo High Gold

Christian Nesselrotte - High Gold and 1st Overall Teen Hip Hop Solo

Elena Gimenez - Senior Contemporary Solo High Gold

Alex Troupe – Senior Contemporary Solo High Gold

Anna Hebert – Senior Jazz Solo High Gold and 2nd overall Jazz Solo

Hadley Cawthorne - Senior Lyrical Solo High Gold and 3rd overall Lyrical Solo

Maria Schmidt - Senior Open Solo Gold 

Take My Hand – Intermediate Lyrical Trio High Gold

Kick - High Gold Open Trio and 4th overall Teen Duo/Trio high score

Just Give Me A Reason – Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio Gold 

When You Open Your Eyes - High Gold, 1st place overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio, 4th place overall Senior Duo/Trio



Monster – Intermediate Jazz High Gold, 3rd overall and Most Entertaining

Somewhere Only We Know – Platinum and 1st overall Intermediate Contemporary/Modern Large Group, 4th overall Intermediate Category

80’s Dance Party - High Gold, 1st overall, Most Entertaining Intermediate Musical Theatre

Fresh Prince - Platinum, 1st place overall Intermediate Open Production, 1st overall Intermediate Production Category

Believe - High Gold Teen Jazz Production

Goodbye - Gold, 1st place overall Senior Open Production

Dancing On My Own - High Gold, 2nd place overall Senior Contemporary Large Group

Warrior - High Gold Senior Contemporary Small Group

Badlands - High Gold and 3rd place overall Senior Jazz Large Group

Zigga Zig - High Gold, 1st place overall Senior Hip Hop Large Group, Most Entertaining, 1st overall Senior Large Group

Breakfast At Tiffany’s - High Gold Senior Musical Theatre


DanceMakers, Inc. – Columbia, SC

When You Open Your Eyes - Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Smith, Elena Gimenez

Best in Category award


Warrior - Senior Contemporary

Highest Score award for Senior Groups and Dance Again award


Christian Nesselrotte - 2nd runner up Teen Mr. DMI


Goodbye - Senior Production

Judges' Choice award


1st Place Awards:

When You Open Your Eyes - Trio

Monster - Intermediate Jazz

Kick - Trio

Just Give Me a Reason - Duo

Somewhere Only We Know - Intermediate Contemporary

80's Dance Party - Pre-Teen Musical Theatre

Warrior - Senior Contemporary

Badlands - Senior Jazz

Dancing On My Own - Senior Contemporary

I Wanna Dance With My Zigga Zig - Teen Hip Hop

Breakfast At Tiffany's - Senior Musical Theatre

Believe - Teen Production

Goodbye - Senior Production

2nd Place Awards:

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Pre-Teen Production

Take My Hand – trio


Scholarship Winners:

National Tap Scholarship - Emma O'Brien 

National Ballet Scholarship - Elena Gimenez

Keith Clifton Scholarship - Anna Hebert

Junior Regional Scholarship - Briley Blomeley

Senior Scholarship finalist - Hadley Cawthorne 

Hollywood Dance Jamz

Birmingham, AL ~ January 29-31, 2016 

Scholarship Awards

Alex Troupe won a full tuition scholarship to LA this summer to attend the Dance Ideas Seminar

Senior Scholarship Winners: Hadley Cawthorne, Anna Hebert, Raegan Segerson and Alex Troupe

Senior Scholarship Finalist: Elena Gimenez

Teen Scholarship Winners: Lija Abele, Christin Montgomery, Christian Nesselrotte

Teen Scholarship Finalists: Ellie Hundley, Emmy Redmill


Solo Awards:

Anna Hebert: Platinum Award and 8th Over-All Senior Solo

Hadley Cawthorne: High Gold Award

Elena Gimenez: High Gold Award

Christin Montgomery: High Gold Award

Christian Nesselrotte: High Gold Award

Maria Schmidt: High Gold Award

Alex Troupe: High Gold Award

Duo / Trio Awards

Just Give Me A Reason: Raegan Segerson and Alex Troupe

         Platinum Award and 1st Over-All Teen Duo/Trio

When You Open Your Eyes: Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez, Elena Smith

         Platinum Award and 2nd Over-All Senior Duo/Trio

Take My Hand: Ava Baker, Briley Blomeley, Christin Montgomery  

         High Gold Award and 4th Over-All Junior Duo/Trio

Kick: Lija Abele, Anna Hebert, Kaylee Kendrick

         High Gold Award


Group / Line / Production Awards

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Platinum & 2nd Over-All Teen Large Group

Warrior – Platinum and 3rd Over-All Senior Small Group

Goodbye – High Gold and 1st Over-All Senior Line

Believe –High Gold and 3rd Over-All Teen Production

80’s Dance Party – High Gold and 4th Over-All Junior Production

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – High Gold and 3rd Over-All Junior Line

Monster – High Gold Award and 7th Over-All Junior Small Group

Badlands – High Gold Award

Dancing On My Own – High Gold Award

I Wanna Dance With My Zigga Zig – High Gold Award

Somewhere Only We Know – High Gold Award 


DanceMakers Inc.  - Nashville, TN

Scholarship Winners ~ Ava Baker, Briley Blomeley, Jansyn Free, Elena Gimenez, Anna Hebert,  Mariah Mathis, Chrsitian Nesselrotte, Ally Sargeant, Brenna Vital


Anna Hebert - 1st Place - 1st Runner-Up Miss DMI

Elena Gimenez - 1st Place  - 2nd Runner-Up Senior Miss DMI

Hadley Cawthorne - 1st Place - 6th Runner-Up Miss DMI

Maria Schmidt -1st Place - 10th Runner-Up Miss DMI

Christian Nesselrotte - 1st Place  - Teen Mister DMI

Christin Montgomery - 1st Place  - 5th Runner-Up Pre-Teen Miss DMI

Alex Troupe - 1st Place - Mister DMI


When You Open Your Eyes - 1st Place - Over-All Highest Score of the Weekend

Just Give Me A Reason - 1st Place - Best of Category Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary

Kick - 1st Place - Best of Category Teen Duo/Trio Jazz

Monster - 1st Place - Judges Choice Award - Dane Again Award

Take My Hand - Judges Choice Award

T-Shirt  - 2nd Place


Danni Heverin has just been named a Rockette for the 2015 Season at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  Danni performed as a Rockette in the touring show last season.


Congratulations to Caitlin Carver on her role as Becca in "Paper Towns" - it was so much fun seeing her up on the big screen.


DanceMakers Inc Nationals 2015 - Mrytle Beach, SC

Shake - 1st Place Over-All Senior Production winng $500   - 1st Place Award

United - 1st Place

Hands - FIrst Place

Carousel - First Place

Frozen Moments - First Place

Word Up - FIrst Place

Demons  - FIrst Place

Primitve - Second Place

Soloists -  Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez, Lauren Harksen 

Scholarship Winners - Emmy Harrison, Nicole Teper

Special Performance with Eden - Emmy Harrison


Congratulations to these dancers for their placement into Summer Study programs for ballet:

Nashville Ballet

Ava Baker

Abby Benzek

Cristina Bolton

Therese Breithaupt

Hadley Cawthorne

Tessa Chappel

Mary Einhorn

Jansyn Free

Elena Gimenez

Brianna Goodloe

Carrie Gormley

Julia Gorti

Maddie Harwell

Ellie Hundley

Susan Iott

Anna Lindsey

Olivia Lutrick

Mariah Mathis

Sabel Mattingly

Christin Montgomery

Anna Grace O’Donell

Eliese Roberts

Baylee Schneider

Amy Shafer

Megan Sheehan

Elena Smith

Alex Troupe

Ashley Turner

Abby Woods

The Rock
Anna Grace O’Donell

Eliese Roberts

Erin Solomon

Alex Troupe



Taylor Griffith

Anna Grace O’Donell

Erin Solomon

Alex Troupe


Joffrey Ballet

Sophia Harrison

Mariah Mathis

Christin Montgomery


Orlando Ballet

Megan Sheehan


University of North Carolina School of Arts

Elena Gimenez

Dance Makers Inc - Columbia, SC February 2015

1st Place Senior Contemporary Group
“Dance Again” Award
Overall Group/Line High Score of the Weekend
1st Place Teen Lyrical Line
Best of Category Award - Teen Line
1st Place Teen Contemporary Production
Best of Category Award - Teen Production
1st Place Senior Jazz Group
1st Place Pre-Teen Jazz Production
1st Place Pre-Teen Contemporary Line
1st Place Senior Jazz Production
1st Place Senior Jazz Line
2nd Place Pre-Teen Hip Hop Line
2nd Place Senior Hip Hop Line
Hadley Cawthorne
1st Place Senior Contemporary Solo
Elena Gimenez
1st Place Senior Lyrical Solo
Lauren Harksen
1st Place Senior Contemporary Solo
Hadley Cawthorne
Clifton Dance Project Scholarship Winner
Elena Gimenez
Senior Scholarship Finalist
Emmy Harrison
National Convention and Junior Tap Scholarship Winner

JANUARY 2015 ~ Congratulations to Ava Baker and Emmy Harrison for winning scholarships at Hollywood Dance Jamz in Birmingham!


HOLLYWOOD VIBE - Atlanta, GA - January 2015

Junior Scholarship Winner

Christian Nesselrotte – National Convention

Junior Scholarship Finalist

Emmy Harrison

Teen Scholarship Winner

Katie Clark – Ballet Scholarship

Senior Scholarship Winners

Elena Gimenez – Regional Convention

Alex Troupe – Ballet Scholarship



3rd Place Senior Contemporary Small Group

Best Concept Award



Teen Lyrical Large Group

3rd Place Overall Teen Division



Senior Open Large Group



1st Place Intermediate Hip Hop Small Group  



1st Place Teen Contemporary Production



1st Place Senior Open Production  



1st Place Senior Jazz Small Group  



Intermediate Contemporary Large Group



Intermediate Jazz Production



Senior Hip Hop Large Group

 “LONELY” - Elena Gimenez


2nd Place Senior Lyrical Solo

3rd Place Overall Senior Solo  

“DREAM ON” – Hadley Cawthorne


Senior Contemporary-Modern Solo  

“EVERYWHERE I GO” – Lauren Harksen


Senior Contemporary-Modern Solo


  Latest News:

Congratulations to former TDC Company Dancer, Danni Heverin, landed a spot on the famed Radio City Rockettes for the 2014 Winter Tour.  She was a part of the Omaha and Houston cast.

Caitlin Carver, a former TDC Company Dancer, just wrapped filming for the new John Green movie "Paper Towns".  Be on the lookout for her new film "Impact Earth", which will debut on the Starz Network.

Staff member and former Company Dancer, Haylee Blackmon, recently taped for the TV show "Nashville".  She looked great!


Kelsey Ebersold, a former TDC Company Dancer and Company Apprentice for the Atlanta Ballet has had quite the busy holiday season.  She has been cast in the roll of Marya (Clara in some shows, or in shows where Clara is the doll, she is the doll's owner) and has performed to rave reviews!