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Hollywood Invitational 2022 - Orlando, FL


Best Choreography of the Year - Uninvited

Dancer of the Year Competition

Junior Dancer of the Year - Maximus Turner

Top 10 Finalist Teen Dancer of the Year- Kate Johnson, Ava Grace Long, Mackenzie McGill, Sophia Taff

Kate Johnson - Top 3 Finalist Teen Dancer of the Year

Top 10 Finalist Senior Dancer of the Year - Christian Nesselrotte and Lauren Martin


Solo, Duo, Trio and Group Awards

Uninvited - It’s A Wrap (highest adjudication) - 3rd Overall Sr Contemporary Group- Best Senior Competition Choreography

Ordinary People - Brenna Vital- It’s A Wrap (highest adjudication) 3rd Overall Sr. Contemporary Solo,  7th Overall Sr. Solo

Slackjaw - Jordan Lewis- It’s A Wrap (highest adjudication) 17th Overall Sr. Solo

Come on Over - Mackenzie McGill - Platinum
Power Over Me - Ava Grace Long - Platinum
Loyal - Grace Hill - High Gold
Heart of Glass- Kate Johnson - Platinum
Don’t Leave Me- Sophia Taff - Platinum
Places We Won’t Walk - Maggie Rayburn - High Gold
Wanderlust - Briley Blomeley - Platinum
Ashes - Sammy Baker - High Gold
Motion Sickness - Lauren Martin - Platinum
Waves - Daniel Welchans - High Gold
Wishes from Heaven - Jadyn LaFayette - Platinum
All I Ask - Ava Baker - Platinum
Welcome to Wonderland - Claire Johnson - Platinum
Dream - Lara Lum - Platinum
Free Your Body - Maximus Turner - High Gold
Heartburn -  Claire/Maximus - Platinum
Applause Eden Joy/Kate/Jadyn - Platinum
Over Soon - Jordan/Sophia - Platinum
Rain Girl - Ava Grace/Makenzie - Platinum - 1st Overall Duo/Trio Hip Hop 
Addicted to Love - Platinum
Woman’s Work - Platinum
Arms - Ava/Briley - Platinum

Karen class scholarship -Maximus Turner
Angel class scholarship - Sophia Taff
Hollywood Invitational Regional Scholarship - Eden Joy Craighead
It’s A Wrap Multi-City Scholarship - Makenzie McGill

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