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Dance Makers Inc - 2022 Nationals


Dance Makers Inc.   –  2022 Nationals

Myrtle Beach, SC


Overall Awards

Pre-Teen Overall Awards

2nd Place Overall Pre-Teen Production - Let’s Go Grazy


Teen Overall Awards

5th Place Overall Duo/Trio - Flawless

5th Place Overall Group - Woman’s Work

5th Place Overall Production - This Day


Senior Overall Awards

Judges Pick Duo/Trio - Yellow

4th Overall Group - Uninvited

Extended Line Judges Pick - All I Know So Far

6th Place Overall - Move If You Wanna




Year long tour with DMI, all expenses paid

Brenna Vital


Faculty Scholarships

Erica Sobol - Maggie Rayburn

Channing Cooke - Sophia Taff

Dejan Tubic - Scarlette Norton

Daniel Welchans


Courage Scholarship

Lily Arnold


Audition Scholarship

Full Year Scholarship

Kate Johnson


Solo Awards

Junior Overall Solo Awards

12th Runner-up - Lara Lum

14th Runner-up - Claire Johnson

24th Runner-up -  Avery Schuetz


Teen Overall Solo Awards

25th Runner-up - Sophia Taff


Senior Overall Solo Awards

5th Runner-up - Brenna Vital


Group/Line/Production Awards

This Day - First Place

Addicted To Love - High First

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now - First Place

Flawless - High First

Uninvited - High First

A Prayer - Second Place

All I Know So Far - First Place

Arms - First Place

Money - First Place

Tuk Tuk - High First

Move If You Wanna - High First

Woman’s Work - High First

Yellow - High First

Over Soon - High First

Applause - High First

Gimme, Gimme - Second Place

Little Shop of Horrors - First Place

Let’s Go Crazy -  High First

Staying Alive - Second Place

Jump - First Place




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