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Hollywood Dance Jamz


Hollywood Dance Jamz ~ Birmingham, AL

February 11-13, 2022

Solo Awards

Hope - Emma Leurck - High Gold

Waves - Daniel Welchans - Platinum 

Follow You Into the Dark - Betsy Lawley - Platinum 

Power Over Me - Ava Grace Long - Platinum 

Loyal - Grace Hill - High Gold

People Help the People - Berlin Detulleo - High Gold

Love Letters - Madeline Jensen - High Gold

Don’t Leave Me - Sophia Taff – Platinum - 3rd Lyrical Place Teen Solo

You’ll Be Back - Lily Arnold - Platinum 

Dream - Lara Lum - Platinum 

Welcome to Wonderland - Claire Johnson - Platinum 

Over the Rainbow - Maximus Turner - Platinum - 1st Place Junior Open Solo

Jokes On You - Bella Ross - High Gold

Sailing Ships - Sarah Helms - Platinum – 1st Place Senior Ballet Solo 

Places We Won’t Walk - Maggie Rayburn - Platinum 

Fancy - Abby Rose Percy – Platinum – 1st Place Senior Tap Solo 

Human - Brenna Vital - That’s My Jam 

Broken - Isaac Poteete - Platinum 

See You Again - Ella Grace Morrow - That’s My Jam 

Slack Jaw - Jordan Lewis - That’s My Jam 

Ashes - Samantha Baker - High Gold

Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Hannah Lawley - Platinum

Wishes From Heaven - Jadyn LaFayette- High Gold 

Love In The Dark - Allison Arzonico - Platinum 


Duo/Trio Awards

Staying Alive - High Gold

Applause - That’s My Jam - 1st Place Teen Jazz Duo/Trio - 1st Place Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Flawless - Platinum - 1st Place Teen Hip Hop Duo/Trio - 3rd Place Overall Teen Duo/Trio 

Falling – Platinum - 1st  place Lyrical Duo/Trio  - 2nd Place Overall Teen Duo/Trio 

Little Shop Of Horrors - High Gold - 1st Place Musical Theatre Duo/Trio 

Brand New - Platinum - 1st Place Jazz Duo/Trio 

Arms - That’s My Jam - 2nd Place Contemporary Duo/Trio - 2nd Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio 

Better Days - Platinum 

An Evening I Will Not Forget - Platinum - 3rd Place Contemporary Duo/Trio -  3rd Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio

A Prayer - Platinum 

Gimme Gimme - High Gold - 1st Place Musical Theatre Duo/Trio - Judges Choice Award 

Heartburn - That’s My Jam - 1st Place Jazz Duo/Trio - 1st  Place Overall Junior Duo/Trio 

Jump - Platinum - 1st Place Lyrical Duo/Trio - 3rd Place Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio   

Group Awards

Brand New Day - Platinum - 1st Place Overall Junior Production 

Challenge - High Gold - 1st Place Teen Tap

Let’s Go Crazy – Platinum - 1st Place Jazz Production - 3rd Place Overall Intermediate Large Group 

Waterfalls - Platinum 

Woman’s Work - Platinum - 2nd Place Teen Contemporary -  4th Place Overall Teen Group

Toxic - High Gold

Addicted to Love - Platinum - 1st Place Teen Jazz - 4th Place Overall Teen Large Group 

Money - Platinum 

A Wink and A Smile - High Gold - 1st Place Overall Teen Tap Line 

BFF - Platinum - 1st Place Teen Contemporary Production 

This Day - Platinum - 1st Place Musical Theatre Production - Best Costume 

American Woman - Platinum - 1st Place Senior Tap 

Uninvited - That’s My Jam -  1st Senior Contemporary -  Best Choreography  - 1st Place Overall Senior Small Group

All I Know So Far – Platinum - 1st Overall Large Group Senior Contemporary

Daddy Lessons - Platinum - Best Costume 

Move If You Wanna – Platinum - 5th Place Senior Overall Large Group 

Tuk Tuk - Platinum - 4th Place Senior Overall Large Group 

It’s All Coming Back To Me - Platinum



Millennium Scholarship - Jadyn LaFayette


LA Agency Award – Sarah Helms, Aliyana Pointer, Maggie Rayburn


Nationals Scholarship – Allison Arzonico, Lara Lum, 


Class Scholarship - Brooklyn Dougherty, Elise Grashot, Betsy Lawley, Emma Leurck and Kayla Neely


Single City - Ava Grace Long, Isaac Poteete, Sophia Taff


I AM THE JAM - Maximus Turner, Berlin Detulleo, Lauren Martin, Brenna Vital


Scholarship Call Backs:

Junior- Maximus Turner

Teen/Senior- Allison Arzonico, Berlin DeTulleo, Jadyn LaFayette, Ava Grace Long, Lauren Martin, Isaac Poteete, Sophia Taff, Brenna Vital 

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