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December 2021




High First and Senior Contemporary Group High Score

1st Overall High Score of the Weekend

“Let’s Go Crazy”

High 1st, Pre-Teen Jazz production high score, 1st Overall Pre-Teen Production

“Brand New Day”

1st place, Pre-Teen Musical Theatre high score and 3rd Overall Pre-Teen Production

“This Day”

1st place, 1st Overall Teen Musical Theatre Production High Score, 2nd Overall Teen Production

“Woman’s Work”

1st place, 1st Overall Teen Group


High First, First Overall Senior Hip Hop High Score, 1st Overall Senior Extended Line

“All I Know So Far”

High First, 3rd Overall Senior Extended Line

“Tuk Tuk”

High First, Senior Open Line High Score, 1st Overall Senior Line


1st place

“Wink and A Smile”

2nd place


2nd place and Teen Tap High Score


1st place

“Addicted to Love”

High First, Teen Jazz Line High Score, 1st Overall Teen Line


“It’s All Coming Back to Me”

High First, Senior Contemporary Extended Line High Score, 2nd Overall Senior Extended Line


1st Place Teen Contemporary Extended Line High Score, 3rd Overall Teen Extended Line

“Daddy Lessons”

1st place

“American Woman“

1st place


High First, Teen Hip Hop Extended Line High Score, 1st Overall Teen Extended Line


1st place, 3rd Overall Teen Production


Dejan’s Piece – Performing in Closing Show
Christian Nesselrotte
Berlin Detulleo
Ella-Grace Morrow
Brenna Vital
Clara Choung

Makenzie McGill - Robert Roldan scholarship

Lara Lum and Jordan Lewis- Kathryn McCormick scholarship

Eden Joy- Dejan Tubic Scholarship

Senior Scholarship Finalists

Ava Baker
Jadyn LaFayette
Lauren Martin
Isaac Poteete
Brenna Vital

Teen Regional Scholarship Winner - Sophia Taff
Senior Regional Scholarship Winners - Brenna Vital, Jadyn LaFayette

Junior Solo High Score

Maximus Turner 3rd runner-up
Claire Johnson 5th runner-up
Lara Lum 7th runner-up

Pre-Teen Solo High Score

Betsy Lawley 8th runner up

Teen Solo High Score

Sophia Taff 1st runner up
Ava Grace Long 2nd runner up

Kate Johnson 5th runner up

Makenzie McGill 6th runner up
Eden Joy Craighead 8th runner up

Berlin Detulleo 12th runner up
Grace Hill 13th runner up

Senior Solo High Score

Jordan Lewis 11th runner up


“Brand New”

1st Place High Score

1st place and 3rd Overall Junior Duo/Trio


1st place

“Gimme Gimme”

2nd place


High First, High Score Teen Jazz Duo Trio, 2nd Overall Teen Duo/Trio


High First

“An Evening I Will Not Forget”

First Place

“Stayin’ Alive”

First Place

“Better Days”

2nd Place

“The Prayer”

1st Place


1st Place


1st place


1st place, 3rd Overall Junior Duo/Trio


“Little Shop of Horrors”

1st place, Teen Musical Theater Duo/Trio High Score


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