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DanceMakers Inc Nationals 2015

Myrtle Beach, SC


Shake - 1st Place Over-All Senior Production winng $500   - 1st Place Award

United - 1st Place

Hands - First Place

Carousel - First Place

Frozen Moments - First Place

Word Up - First Place

Demons  - First Place

Primitve - Second Place

Soloists -  Hadley Cawthorne, Elena Gimenez, Lauren Harksen 

Scholarship Winners - Emmy Harrison, Nicole Teper

Special Performance with Eden - Emmy Harrison


Congratulations to these dancers for their placement into Summer Study programs for ballet:

Nashville Ballet

Ava Baker

Abby Benzek

Cristina Bolton

Therese Breithaupt

Hadley Cawthorne

Tessa Chappel

Mary Einhorn

Jansyn Free

Elena Gimenez

Brianna Goodloe

Carrie Gormley

Julia Gorti

Maddie Harwell

Ellie Hundley

Susan Iott

Anna Lindsey

Olivia Lutrick

Mariah Mathis

Sabel Mattingly

Christin Montgomery

Anna Grace O’Donell

Eliese Roberts

Baylee Schneider

Amy Shafer

Megan Sheehan

Elena Smith

Alex Troupe

Ashley Turner

Abby Woods


The Rock
Anna Grace O’Donell

Eliese Roberts

Erin Solomon

Alex Troupe



Taylor Griffith

Anna Grace O’Donell

Erin Solomon

Alex Troupe


Joffrey Ballet

Sophia Harrison

Mariah Mathis

Christin Montgomery


Orlando Ballet

Megan Sheehan


University of North Carolina School of Arts

Elena Gimenez

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