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Hollywood Dance Jamz Nationals


2021 Hollywood Dance Jamz National Competition

Orlando, Florida  

Intermediate Dance of the Year - Battle of the Stars Winner - $1000 award Bones - That’s My Jam - 2nd Overall Intermediate Contemporary Group - 3rd Place Overall Intermediate Group


Mini Dancer of the Year Top 3 Finalist - Claire Johnson

No Strings Attached – Sophia Taff - That’s My Jam - 1st Place Intermediate Lyrical - 1st Overall Intermediate Solo

World Star Money – Sarah Helms - Platinum - 2nd Overall Contemporary Solo

Our Lady of the Underground – Mary Einhorn - That’s My Jam - 1st Overall Musical Theatre Solo - 3rd Overall Senior Solo

Faith – Maximus Turner - 3rd Place Open Mini Solo - 4th Place Overall Mini Solo

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ - Daniel Welchans - High Gold

That’s What I Want – Lily Arnold - High Gold

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Makenzie McGill - High Gold

Rose’s Turn – Claire Strother - High Gold

Drowning – Kate Johnson - Platinum

Vincent – Jordan Lewis- Platinum

Hijack – Jadyn LaFayette - High Gold

Me and the Devil Blues – Brenna Vital - Platinum

Don’t Watch Me Cry – Lauren Martin - Platinum

Knock On Wood – Ellie Hundley - High Gold

Hallelujah - Abby Rose Percy - High Gold

Cornerstone – Ava Baker - Platinum

Ending – Sammy Baker - Platinum

Half Light – Briley Blomeley - Platinum

Would You Come Home - Isaac Poteete - Platinum


Overwhelmed – Platinum

I’ll Be There – Platinum

Shake The Room - High Gold

Barbies - Platinum - 5th Place Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Stand By Me - High Gold

Impossible - Platinum - 5th Over All Senior Duo/Trio


Magic Happens - Platinum - First Over All Junior Production - Best Costume

Vroom - Platinum - 3rd Place Intermediate Hip Hop - 4th Place Overall Intermediate Group

Footloose - High Gold - 1st Over All Intermediate Musical Theatre Production

Exile - Platinum - 2nd Place Teen Contemporary Large Group -  2nd Place Overall Teen Large Group

Vienna – Platinum

Someday Somewhere Peace – Platinum

Wannabe Greedy – Platinum

La La Land - Platinum - 1st Place Teen -  Musical Theatre  Production - Most Entertaining - 1st Overall Teen Production

Been Lovin’ You – Platinum

Deconstructed - High Gold

Eleanor Rigby -  Platinum - 3rd Place Senior Contemporary Small Group - 3rd Place Overall Senior Small Group

Bottom of the River -  That’s My Jam - 3rd Place Senior Large Group Contemporary - 3rd Place Overall Senior Large Group - Battle of The Stars Invitation

I Love Rock ‘n Roll - Platinum - 1st Place Senior Line Jazz - Overall Line/Production

Starting Over - Platinum - 1sr Place Overall Senior Production


Junior Scholarships

Hip Hop Scholarship - Brooklyn Dougherty

Class Scholarship - Bailey Coggin


Scholarship Finalists

Betsy Lawley

Emma Leurck


Nationals Scholarship Winners

Betsy Lawley

Emma Leurck


Intermediate Scholarship Finalists

Ava Grace Long

Eden Joy Craighead

Sophia Taff

Makenzie McGill


Single City Scholarship - Eden Joy Craighead


I Am The Jam Scholarships - Makenzie McGill and Ava Grace Long


Class Scholarship Ballet - Grace Hill

Class Scholarship - Lily Arnold


Teen / Senior Scholarships

Ballet Scholarship - Sarah Helms

Tap Scholarship - Abby Rose Percy


Teen Scholarship Finalist

Berlin Detulleo

Jadyn LaFayette

Jordan Lewis

National Finals Scholarships - Berlin Detulleo and Jadyn LaFayette


Single City Scholarship - Jordan Lewis


Senior Scholarship Finalist

Christian Nesselrotte

Isaac Poteete


National Finals Scholarship - Isaac Poteete


Millennium Scholarship - Christian Nesselrotte


Mini Dancer of the Year Top 3 Finalist - Claire Johnson




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