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Artist Simply Human

Artist Simply Human

January 8-10, 2021

Nashville, TN

Advanced - Standout Studio of the Weekend   - The Dance Company, Inc.

Judges Choice Award

“Someday Somewhere Peace”

“Vincent” – Jordan Lewis


Performance Showcase Standout



“No Strings Attached” – Sophia Taff


Studio Selection Award

“Someday Somewhere Peace”


Choreography Award

“I Love Rock n Roll”

“The Glow”



Entertainment Award

“Magic Happens”

“Faith” - Maximus Turner


Heart on Stage Award

“Would You Come Home” – Isaac Poteete



ASH Apprentices

Briley Blomeley

Eden Joy Craighead

Kate Johnson

Jordan Lewis

Laura Lum

Lauren Martin

Brenna Vital


ASH Apprentice Runner-Up

Ava Baker

Sarah Helms

Kennedy Jackson

Jadyn LaFayette

Hannah Lawley

Isabella Ross


Nationals Scholarship

Berlin Detulleo

Brianna Goodloe

Mariah Mathis

Isaac Poteete


Summer Scholarship

Anna Lindsey


ASH Faculty Pick

Bailey Coggin

Eliza Justice

Mariah Mathis


Hussian College

$1000 Scholarship – Brenna Vital


AMDA College of Performing Arts

$20,000 Scholarship – Brianna Goodloe

Summer Conservatory Scholarship - Allison Arzonico

                                                     Briley Blomeley

                                                     Sarah Helms

                                                     Brenna Vital



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