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Endangered Species - High First, High Score Senior Jazz Extended Line, Senior Extended Line High Score and a Dance Again Award (only given to 6 dances all weekend)

Revolting Children - High First, High Score Pre-Teen Musical Theatre Production, Director’s Pick

Officer Krupke - High First and Senior Group Musical Theatre High Score

Lines - High First and Senior High Duo Trio High Score

Girl Gang - 2nd place

Beautiful Thing - High First

Bucky Done Gun - 1st Place, Teen Jazz Duo Trio High Score, Judge’s Pick

My Skin - 2nd place 

Bang Bang - 1st Place

Lighthouse - High First

Bossa Nova Baby - Second Place

What A Feeling - First Place

Lying Down - 2nd place

Instruction - First Place

Heart of Stone - Second Place

Voyage - First Place

My Delight - First Place and Director’s Pick

Speechless - First Place and Director’s Pick

Love Is All - High First

Plastic Love - 2nd place and Teen Jazz Extended Line High Score

Take Time Out - High First

Otherside - First Place and Judge’s Pick

Mood 4 Eva - High First and Senior Hip Hop Line High Score

90 Days - First Place, Senior Contemporary Production High Score, Senior Production Overall High Score


Scholarships and Special Recognitions:

Nationals Scholarship – Lija Abele and Kate Johnson 

Courage Regional Scholarship - Isaac Poteete

Senior Scholarship Finalist:

Lija Abele, Ava Baker, Mary Einhorn, Lauren Martin and Brenna Vital 


Selected to dance in Hip Hop piece in closing show – Lija Abele, Christian Nesselrotte, Brenna Vital


Solo Awards:

Pre-Teen Miss DMI 9th Runner-up - Kate Johnson 

Teen Mr. DMI - Isaac Poteete

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