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Hollywood Dance Jamz

Birmingham, AL


Solo Awards 

Sophia Taff-That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Intermediate Contemporary Solo,

Top Overall High Score Intermediate Solo


Kate Johnson-That’s My Jam, 4th Overall Intermediate Contemporary Solo


Makenzie McGill- Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Musical Theatre Solo


Betsy Lawley- High Gold 


Sammy Baker-High Gold


Jordan Lewis-That’s My Jam, 2nd Overall Teen Contemporary Solo


Isaac Poteete-Platinum, 5th Overall Teen Contemporary Solo


Briley Blomeley-Platinum


Jadyn LaFayette-Platinum


Ava Baker-High Gold


Kennedy Jackson-High Gold


Lija Abele-Platinum, 5th Overall Senior Contemporary Solo


Brianna Goodloe- High Gold


Aubrey Blomeley- Platinum


Brenna Vital- That’s My Jam, 4th Overall Senior Contemporary Solo


Taylor Griffith- Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Ballet Solo


Sarah Hill - Platinum


Lauren Martin-Platinum


Christian Nesselrotte-Platinum


Jansyn Free- High Gold


Allison Arzonico-Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Lyrical Solo


Sarah Helms-High Gold


Anna Lindsey- That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Solo


Mary Einhorn- High Gold, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Solo


Duet/Trio Awards


Heart of Stone- Katelyn Valtos, Claire Ward, Sophia Taff

That’s My Jam, 1st Place Intermediate Contemporary Duo/Trio, 

Top Overall High Score Intermediate Duo/Trio


Instruction- Eden Joy Craighead, Jadyn LaFayette, Kate Johnson

That’s My Jam, 2nd Overall Intermediate Jazz Duo/Trio


Bossa Nova Baby- Lily Arnold, Brady Percy

Platinum, 3rd Overall Intermediate Musical Theatre Duo/Trio


My Skin - Isabella Ross, Hannah Lawley, Emma Wynn

High Gold


Bucky Done Gun- Briley Blomeley, Ava Baker

Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Jazz Duo/Trio, Top Overall Teen Duo/Trio


Already All Ready- Sarah Helms, Ellie Hundley, Robyn Pope



Lines- Kennedy Jackson, Christian Nesselrotte, Mary Einhorn



Lying Down- Sammy Baker, Aubrey Blomeley, Abby Rose Percy

Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Contemporary Duo Trio


Beautiful Things- Taylor Griffith, Jansyn Free, Brenna Vital

That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio


Lighthouse- Anna Lindsey, Sarah Hill, Allison Arzonico





Group Awards


Speechless-Platinum, 1st Place Overall Intermediate Contemporary Line


What A Feeling-Platinum


Voyage-That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Intermediate Contemporary Large Group


My Delight-High Gold


Home-That’s My Jam


Revolting Children-Platinum, 1st Overall Musical Theater Production


Take Time Out- That’s My Jam, 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Large Group


Endangered Species- That’s My Jam


Officer Krupke- That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Small Group, 

Top Overall Senior Small Group


Bang Bang- Platinum


Plastic Love- High Gold




Playground- Platinum


Love Me Anyway-Platinum, 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Small Group


Mood 4 Eva- Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Hip Hop Large Group


90 Days- That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Contemporary Production, Top Overall Senior Large Group






Junior Finalists -

Daniel Welchans, Betsy Lawley, Emma Leurck


Intermediate Finalists -

Kate Johnson, Sophia Taff


Teen Finalists -

Briley Blomeley, Jadyn LaFayette, Hannah Lawley, Jordan Lewis


Senior Finalists -

Lija Abele, Taylor Griffith, Brenna Vital, Brianna Goodloe, Kennedy Jackson,

 Christian Nesselrotte


Mini Single City Scholarship - Eliza Justice 


Junior Single City Scholarship - Daniel Welchans 


Intermediate “I Am The Jam” Scholarship - Kate Johnson, Sophia Taff 


Teen Single City Scholarship - Jadyn LaFayette 


Teen “I Am The Jam” Scholarship - Briley Blomeley


 Senior Single City Scholarship - Christian Nesselrotte 


Senior “I Am The Jam” Scholarship - Lija Abele, Brenna Vital


Broadway Dance Center Scholarship - Taylor Griffith


Intermediate Tap Scholarship - Kayla Neely


Intermediate Jazz Scholarship - Makenzie McGill


Teen Hip Hop Scholarship - Isaac Poteete


Senior Class Scholarship - Aubrey Blomeley


LA Agency Award Finalist - Claire Strother, Clara Choung, Kate Johnson

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