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Artist Simply Human

Nashville, TN


Group Awards


Studio of the Weekend – The Dance Company 


Cool Concept Award - Love is All


Broadway Bound Award - Revolting Children


Entertainment Pick and $100 Voucher - Officer Krupke

Choreography Pick and $100 Voucher - My Delight

Choreography Pick and $100 Voucher - 90 Days


Standout Routines and $100 Voucher

Bang Bang

Beautiful Things


Studio Selections Routine and $250 Voucher - Officer Krupke


Judges Choice Award and $250 voucher - Endangered Species


Solo/Duo/Trio Awards


Storyteller Award and $100 Voucher - Isaac Poteete

Entertainment Award and $100 Voucher - Makenzie McGill

Choreography Pick and $100 voucher - Eden Joy Craighead and Allison Arzonico

Standout Routine and $100 voucher - Briley Blomeley

 Judges Award for ASH Nationals and $100 voucher- Brenna Vital




AMDA - Automatic acceptance and $20,000 college scholarship - Lija Abele


AMDA - Summer Conservatory Intensive- Lauren Martin and Brenna Vital


ASH Junior Apprentice- Jordan Lewis


ASH Artist in Training Apprentice - Sophia Taff, Makenzie McGill


Braham Crane Faculty Choice Scholarship and Pre-Apprentice Scholarship - Betsy Lawley


Gregg Russell Faculty Choice Scholarship - Daniel Welchans


Nationals Scholarships - Daniel Welchans, Brady Percy, Rowan Smith, Sophia Lopez, Briley Blomeley, Jadyn LaFayette, Lacy Smith, Kennedy Jackson


Westsiders Camp Scholarship - Eden Joy Craighead


Artists In Training Scholarship Finalists – Eden Joy Craighead, Betsy Lawley, Makenzie McGill, Sophia Taff 


Intermediate Scholarship Finalists - Kate Johnson, Isaac Poteete, Jordan Lewis


Senior Scholarship Finalists - Mary Einhorn, Lija Abele, Brenna Vital

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