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Artist Simply Human

Nashville, TN


Studio of the Weekend - Nashville, TN

ASH Apprentice 

Eden Joy Craighead 

Brenna Vital 


AMDA College Program Acceptance 

$40,000 Scholarship Raegan Segerson 

$20,000 Scholarship Lija Abele 


Class Scholarship Winners 

Lija Abele, Eden Joy Craighead, Kate Johnson, Kaylee Kendrick, Jordan Lewis, Lauren Martin, Olivia Rackauskas, Brenna Vital 


Unique Movement Award 

Christian Nesselrotte


Entertainment Pick 

Somebody To Love – Senior Musical Theatre 


Choreography Pick 

Never Letting Go - Anna Fennell 

Nowhere - Briley Blomeley 

Real Love - Kaylee Kendrick 

Save Myself – Senior Contemporary Group, Dahnelle Reynolds 


Standout Routines 

Body - Raegan Segerson 

Long Way Home – Brenna Vital, Jansyn Free, Taylor Griffith 

Love Is A Battlefield - Teen Jazz Line 

Your Day Will Come - Teen Contemporary Production  


Studio Selection 

Your Day Will Come - Teen Contemporary Production 


Judges Pick and Dance in Closing Show 

Mathematics - Senior Contemporary Line 


Faculty Pick Scholarship 

Brianna Goodloe 


Nationals Scholarship 

Lily Arnold 

Claire Ward 

Sophia Taff 

Isaac Poteete 

Allison Arzonico 

Kennedy Jackson 

Christian Nesselrotte

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