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Nashville, TN


Shaffer Studio of the Weekend- The Dance Company

Duo/Trio and Group Awards

“Save Myself” - High First Place - Senior Group Contemporary High Score

Dance Again Award for Closing Show

Senior Division Overall High Score

“Real Love” - High First Place and Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio High Score

Overall Senior Duo/Trio Second Place

“At Last” - High First Place

Pre-Teen Musical Theatre High Score

Overall Pre-Teen Division High Score

“Alexa” - First Place and Teen Duo/Trio Hip Hop High Score

Teen Duo/Trio High Score 2nd Place

“Blind Hearts” - First Place and Pre-Teen Jazz-High Score

Pre-Teen Group High Score

“Believe” – First Place and High Score Duo/Trio Teen Contemporary

“Never Letting Go” - Second Place and High Score Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical

“Proud Mary” - First Place and Senior Group Tap High Score

“Long Way Home” - First Place

Overall Senior Duo/Trio Third Place High Score

“Waves” - First Place

“Crazy” - Second Place

“Daughter of the Sea” – Second Place


Scholarship Winners

Faculty Scholarship - Lauren Martin

Retter Intensive Scholarship - Lija Abele


Senior Scholarship Finalists

Lija Abele

Jansyn Free

Kaylee Kendrick

Lauren Martin

Raegan Segerson

Brenna Vital


Solo Placements Awards

Mister Dance Makers - Christian Nesselrotte

2nd Runner Up Miss Dance Makers - Raegan Segerson

6th Runner Up Miss Dance Makers - Lija Abele

8th Runner Up - Teen Miss Dance Makers - Briley Blomeley

1st Runner Up - Teen Mister Dance Makers - Isaac Poteete

10th Runner Up - Junior Miss Dance Makers - Kate Johnson

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